In addition to our standard bottlings, we like to use our imagination to make some rather special spirits. Here you will find details of our limited edition gins, born from ideas and crafted into unique spirits for you to savour.

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Shetland Reel Up Helly Aa Gin - January 2018


Navy strength 57% (ABV) 100° proof.

A new limited edition recipe for 2018! This unique special edition gin celebrates Shetland's world famous Viking fire festival, Up Helly Aa. We have taken our award-winning Ocean Sent gin and aged it in an ex-sherry and whisky cask resulting in a clean fresh gin with sweet notes from the sherry and whisky.

Tasting Notes: Juniper led nose with a slight sweetness from the cask. Citrus peel and sweetness from the sherry come through at first then balanced by tannins from the wood and savoury notes from the gin. Perfect for sipping neat or mixed with fever tree tonic or Ginger ale with a twist of grapefruit peel.

Shetland Reel Up Helly Aa Gin - January 2017


Navy strength 57% (ABV) 100° proof.

This unique special edition gin celebrates Shetland's world famous Viking fire festival, Up Helly Aa. Aged in ex-whisky casks and bottled on Britain's most northerly isle, Unst, this specially produced Shetland Reel Gin delivers notes of wood and spices to give an extra spark - the perfect spirit to accompany the fiery festivities.

Tasting Notes: On the nose there is a huge amount of fresh juniper followed by a fruit and spice mix. On the palate juniper and then the fruits and spices and a hint of old wood, just like opening up a viking's chest upon his return from a long voyage. The high strength of the alcohol allows for a good measure of Fever Tree Tonic to lengthen the drink yet not lose the flavour of the gin.

Awards: 2017 Silver San Francisco World Spirits Competition

Shetland Reel Holly Days Gin - Christmas 2016

SOLD OUT                                                                          

Our limited edition gin for Christmas 2016 - we've taken the very best of our original gin and given it a festive twist! Holly Days is similar to our original gin but with more juniper, more spice and more citrus.This is a special run of 1,800 70cl bottles and 1,000 20cl bottles, each with their own unique number. So when it's gone, it's gone. If you like our original gin, you'll love this - it's packed with more of everything that makes it so great.

Tasting Notes: On the nose there is lots of juniper and citrus which makes the gin very appealing. For the palate the juniper hits up front, followed by the citrus and then the coriander seed at the end, very clean and fresh but also really full of flavour – punchy! With tonic it is clean and fresh but the flavours shine through, a reel classic G&T with punch.


Up Helly Aa Reel Gin -  January 2016


Navy strength 57% (ABV) 100° proof.

To celebrate the infamous Shetland fire festival, we took our original gin and added it to the casks used for our limited edition single malt. The result is a cask-aged gin with a curious colour and mind-blowing flavour. Up Helly Aa is a huge event and plays a significant role in how Shetland projects itself to the outside world. The result is a gin with really good depth yet still fresh and clean. At Navy strength (57% or 100° proof) they are easy to put in your pocket, perfect for Up Helly Aa events ... and Vikings in general!

Bottles were presented to each member of the Lerwick Up Helly Aa committee and the 2016 Guizer Jarl, Mark Evans, was delighted with the gift.

Tasting Notes: Lots of Juniper on the nose, with a hint of wood and spices. On the palate there is juniper and citrus but with a spicy depth and very slight wood bitterness. Very well balanced with a satisfying length of flavour.


Shetland Reel Gin Batch 1 - The First 500


For the first 500 bottle batch released in 2014 we commissioned locally made tweed bags to hold our precious gin. These went down a storm with the lucky few who got their hands on them becoming part of Shetland Reel's history. The locals loved them so much there are even a few Up Helly Aa costumes based on these bottles - watch out for them if you every journey to Shetland! 


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