About Shetland Reel

At the very tip of the British isles lie the Shetland Islands, where the North Sea meets the Atlantic Ocean. It is a place of mystery and secrets. Of long summer days and long winter nights. Of dramatic weather.

Emerging from this remote community is the Saxa Vord Distillery, the most northerly in the UK, started by four people sharing a passion for producing top quality products in local communities.

Produced only in Shetland by Shetland's only distillery, Shetland Reel Gins are now available throughout the UK and beyond.

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Shetland Reel Gins

Each Shetland Reel Gin is an excellent traditional-style gin with a unique Shetland twist. Our original gin includes locally grown apple mint, and our Ocean Sent Gin uses specially harvested bladderwrack seaweed from the Shetland coastline.

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Shetland Reel Whisky

In 2015 we have produced the very first 'Bottled in Shetland' Whisky, starting with our limited run Single Malt and more recently, our Reel Blended Malt. Very soon we will have our own still too.

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Shetland Reel Limited Editions

Sometimes you need a spirit with a difference. Our Shetland Reel craft distillers have a wild imagination and are always looking to create something new and exciting.

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Peerie Cocktails

Whether it is a Reel Negroni that is your go to cocktail or a Simmer Dim Sour, we have a cocktail that will suit your mood. We have a cocktail for every occasion, from cosy nights in front of the fire to martinis with friends. All of our cocktails are inspired by Shetland, unique and incising with a special twist.

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Where to Buy

Our gin and whisky is available from our online shop, delivered direct to your door.  Our products are also stocked in hundreds of retail outlets, bars and restaurants throughout the UK.  Take a look at our interactive map to find your nearest stockist.

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