Luke heads up production and works full-time in the business.  He is based in the distillery in Unst, Shetland. Luke takes the distilled product, reduces it, bottles and labels it. His attention to detail is second to none and he is the main reason our bottles are so well presented. He also keeps everything ticking over should Mark, the Manager be on holiday or working away from the distillery. He enjoys working as a team with Mark and the challenge that working in the UK’s most Northerly distillery brings.

How did you get involved in the drinks industry?

At the time Shetland Reel Original was launched I was working for Saxa Vord resort as the maintenance man. I was asked to prepare and decorate the supply building to get it ready for the installation of the still. When the first distillation in the newly installed still was done I was asked to help with the bottling and labelling of the 1st edition Shetland Reel Gin. Stuart, Debbie, Wilma and Mark noticed my seemingly natural knack for this kind of work and the rest is history.

What do you enjoy most about working for Shetland Distillery?

It would have to be the open and close environment we enjoy! People say loving what you do for a living is more than just what you do but also the people that you work with and I couldn’t have wished for a better team.

Where is your favourite place in Shetland to enjoy a gin?

Probably the most relaxed and enjoyable place I’ve had a gin (other than at home 😊) would have to be the Fjara in Lerwick. Such a chilled atmosphere.

What it is your signature cocktail?

Well I like to keep it simple, a nice nip of Simmer over ice with ginger ale and a wedge of orange.

What makes Shetland Reel special to you?

Besides the relaxed environment, I just love knowing and seeing people enjoy our products.

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