Simmer Dim

Simmer Dim

Simmer Dim is a time of long summer nights and bright amber skies that illuminate Shetland from mid-May until mid-July. To many across the northern hemisphere the 21st June symbols the summer solstice, a time when the sun is at its highest position in the sky and the longest day of the year.  

The Simmer Dim has been celebrated in Shetland for centuries. The long days and bright nights are a welcome respite after a winter with limited daylight. On a clear day in the summer, the islands receive almost 19 hours of sunshine in any 24-hour period.

During midsummer, darkness doesn’t descend on the Shetland Islands. The sun sets late in the evening, dipping just below the northern horizon for only a few short hours before it begins to rise again bathing the islands in a deep orange glow.

Distilled and bottled on Unst, our Simmer Gin edition, is inspired by those long summer days and the gorgeous amber skies that shine brightly over our islands. The citrus notes of our Simmer Gin are a true reflection of those bright skies that burn intensely, revealing sharp orange flavours and a spicy finish.

This refreshing aromatic gin, distilled using orange peel, orris root powder, liquorice seeds and caraway seeds, is the perfect accompaniment to a long summer evening. 

To celebrate the summer solstice, we would like to share our Simmer Dim video with you that highlights what it means to people living and working in Shetland. 

Thnak you to Hannah Eynon at blog Usin Unst for the beautiful poem that was used in the video. 

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