Shetland Reel Not Up Helly Aa 2021 Gin

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Not Up Helly Aa 2021 is the first Single Batch Gin from Shetland Reel. Even though the annual fire festival celebrations are sadly cancelled this year because of the pandemic, we felt it was still important to do something to mark the celebration and continue our tradition of producing Up Helly Aa-themed gins.

Not Up Helly Aa 2021 is an extremely limited edition gin, with only 121 bottles produced. Each is hand bottled and hand numbered and features the distinctive Shetland Reel Viking on the rear of the bottle.

Vol 500ML 40% ABV


Not Up Helly Aa 2021 has the characteristic smoothness of all Shetland Reel gins and enticing citrus notes on the nose. On the palate, you’ll taste juniper before a kick of lemon with a spicy pepper layer, and then a lusciously sweet, lemony syrup finish. The result is a delightful contrast between sharp and sweet and a gin that is packed full of flavour.


50ml Not Up Helly Aa 2021, premium tonic and ice with a slice of lemon.

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