Where whisky meets gin.

Up Helly Aa is a huge event and plays a significant role in how Shetland projects itself to the outside world. So we came up with the idea of a special limited edition gin to celebrate this world-famous fire festival with a bit of extra spirit.

Our original Shetland Reel gin went into the casks that once held our single malt (released last summer). So this is a limited edition because there is a very limited amount we can get out!

The result is a cask-aged gin at Navy strength (57% or 100° proof) with a whisky taste and a slight colour imparted by the casks. They will be available in 20 cl bottles, easy to put in your pocket, perfect for Up Helly Aa events ... and Vikings in general!

Bottles have already been presented to each member of the Lerwick Up Helly Aa committee. This year’s Guizer Jarl, Mark Evans, was delighted with the gift.

Bottles are on sale now around the Shetland Islands for £17, but there are also a limited number available from our online shop.


Tasting Notes:

Colour: Light straw (colour from the wooden cask with anticipation of a whisky influence).

Nose: Very Juniper on the nose, with a hint of wood and spices.

Taste: Juniper and citrus but with a spicy depth and very slight wood bitterness. Very well balanced with a satisfying length of flavour.

Goes well with Fever Tree or Fentimans Tonic.

A gin with really good depth yet still fresh and clean.


Want to see what Up Helly Aa is all about? Tune in to the live webcast on Tuesday 26th January at uphellyaa.com.

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