Celebrate the longest day with Free Delivery on Simmer Gin

At our distillery, on the most northern isle in the UK, it is a very special time of year. The long evenings culminate tomorrow, the summer solstice. The sun will drop behind the horizon for only a few hours bathing the isle in the simmer dim.

Last year we released the Simmer Gin to celebrate these moments. Perfect for long evenings with citrus, caraway and liquorice alongside the traditional juniper scent and taste. Serve as a traditional gin and tonic or with Fevertree Sicilian Lemonade and a sprig of fresh rosemary for a magical summer drink.

This week we are offering free shipping on all orders of Simmer Gin direct from our distillery on Unst, Shetland. No discount code required! End on Sunday 25th June.

Order your bottle from our shop here - shop.shetlandreel.com 

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