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Shetland Reel Rhubarb & Bramble Gin Liqueur

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Inspired by freshly grown local ingredients, our Rhubarb & Bramble liqueur is produced using our award winning Original Gin, foraged brambles and home-grown Rhubarb. 

Vol 500ML 26% ABV

This liqueur has a sweet fruit aroma, matching its vibrant colour, and delicate juniper notes. There is a burst of fresh Scottish brambles, sweet rhubarb and a subtle freshness from the apple mint used in the Original gin base. Notes of rhubarb and custard sweets linger on the finish.

Delicious over ice, with a premium mixer or in a champagne flute and topped up with your favourite sparkling wine. If you are feeling adventurous, you could even try making our Shetland Bramble cocktail. 

Inspired be freshly grown local ingredients, wir Rhubarb & Bramble liqueur is made usin’ wir award-winnin’ Original Gin, foraged brambles an’ hom-grown Rhubarb.

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