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Shetland Reel Home Tasting Kit

Regular price £39.50

Our Shetland Reel Home Tasting Kit is perfect for holding your very own home tasting with family – or maybe you could arrange a tasting with friends by video etc.

The pack contains three x 200ml bottles of our core gins: Original, Simmer and Ocean Sent along with a set of tasting cards to guide your evening (or maybe mid afternoon). The pack will outline what mixers and garnishes you'll need as well as explaining how to ‘nose’, taste neat and jot down your thoughts for comparison with your ‘tasting mates’ later.

It’s an evening of fun while learning a little more about gin and Shetland Reel in particular.  

The pack is priced at £39.50 and would make an ideal present for your favourite gin-lover or yourself to enjoy an evening with others in your house or virtually with friends.
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