Carol Duncan

Carol’s main role is as the Administrator for Shetland Space Centre, which will be built in Unst, close to the Distillery.  She is a Shetlander who has lived in the islands all her life and is incredibly proud of their heritage and history, with Up Helly Aa being her favourite time of year and knitting traditional Fair Isle patterns being one of her main hobbies. 

How did you get involved in the drinks industry?

I worked in various bars in Lerwick and at events around Shetland when I was younger.  Shetland Space Centre is owned by two of the Directors of Shetland Distillery so, knowing I had previous experience, I was asked if I would help out with a couple of gin tastings in Lerwick and it has continued from there.  I do events in Lerwick and on the Shetland mainland such as tasting nights or trade shows, and also do some marketing for the company around the isles. 

What do you enjoy most about working for Shetland Distillery?

I love getting out and about and seeing people; being able to let them try our gins and getting their feedback on them.  It’s great to be able to introduce people to Shetland Reel and see them enjoy the range of products.  I find myself scanning shelves whenever I’m travelling out with Shetland and I love it when I spot our distinctive bottles on display. 

Where is your favourite place in Shetland to enjoy a gin?

Sitting outside in my garden at the end of the day enjoying the summer evening sun with a Shetland Reel gin and lots of ice in a tall glass, or on a night out in a nice bar with good friends.

What it is your signature cocktail?

I like to keep it simple, just the Shetland Reel with a mixer and some fruit to garnish.  I’m not a fan of plain tonic water so I like to use other mixers, such as flavoured tonic, lemonade or ginger ale.  Simmer Gin with Mediterranean tonic and raspberries is a favourite, as is Filska with lemonade and grapefruit slices.  And I would never say no to a Rhubarb & Bramble liqueur with Ginger Ale.

What makes Shetland Reel special to you?

Having such a quality product representing my home around the world.

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